The Best Squeegee for Epoxy Floor- Top 7 Reviewed

When the most rely on professional companies, you can save a lot of bucks by installing your epoxy floor coating using the right tools. But, it is hard to choose the best tools for spreading or cleaning epoxy on the floor.

A random floor squeegee may not the right tool for it. So, what specialty you should look for in a floor squeegee that will be applied for heavy-duty coating like epoxy?- This guide helps you find the best squeegee for the epoxy floor. Let’s dig into it!

Which squeegees are great for epoxy flooring?

If you have ideas over the right squeegees for spreading epoxy, skip this section to find the best tools quickly. Well, folks let’s back to the point. Applying heavy coatings on concrete floors, you need the notched squeegees for the best results.

Epoxy is a heavy coating, especially the 100% percent solid epoxy. Regular coating tools like rollers is not the right one for applying a dense coating.

It may use the straight squeegees for epoxy but notched ones enhance the ability to hold the thicker coating and dye it to the exact shape you are looking for.

Probably you are thinking about the lines that will be left by the notched squeegees. Well, that sounds good to me.

I found a few installers who love flipping the straight side for the final stage of epoxy flooring. It helps remove the lines for the betterment. The flat squeegees work best for the thinner coating.

Choosing the right option makes the installation easy and efficient for the installer. It also less the contract time and end it with no issues for the clients. So, we recommend the notched squeegees for the most heavier coatings like solid epoxy.

Here, we’ve reviewed the best squeegees for epoxy flooring that will boost up your spreading better than prior.

Best Squeegees for Epoxy Floor Reviews 2022: Installer’s Choice

It’s better to know about the process of epoxy flooring before getting the best squeegee for it. The heavy-duty epoxy coating is applied to the hard or concrete floor. It adds the ability to be sturdy, stain-resistant, and smooth to the concrete floor.

Thus, epoxy flooring becomes popular day by day. We often see the epoxy flooring in garages, hospitals, schools, or commercial places. It can be a great flooring idea for the homeowners as well.

The following list of products will exuberant the process of heavy-duty epoxy coating. The reviews are honest enough to help you get the right squeegees for the job.

1. Haviland – 01418SE 3/16 01418SE Non-Marking Serrated Applicator Squeegee

Haviland - 01418SE 3 16 01418SE Standard Duty Serrated Applicator- Best Squeegee for Epoxy floor

As an installer, I would recommend this as the best squeegee for spreading rock solid floor covering like epoxy. This one works perfect on RokRez epoxy and probably the right tool for thicker coating on the concrete floor.

I found it great for my garage floor and would recommend the squeegee for any industrial environment.

The notched side of the applicator squeegee is great for spreading epoxy floor resin. For your attention, you can also flip it to use the solid side for removing the materials around. Also, make sure you get the spiked shoes before starting the installation job.

The cleaning is a breeze for the tools. You need to dry them first and then place a tool under the squeegee and tear the epoxy from it.

The only downside is the neck that comes with no holes to screw on the handle. It was a bit difficult for me to install a handle into the head and drove a screw to keep it tight for the job.


  • It’s an applicator squeegee to apply epoxy coatings and urethanes
  • The squeegee spreads materials and gravel evenly
  • It features an EPDM hardened rubber blade
  • The dexterity of the rubber blade allows flexibility of the thickness of the components
  • It ensures sufficient pressure and angles for the job
  • It is equipped with 3/16 inches depth & height for serration
  • The overall length is 18 inches

2. Midwest Rake 47151 24″ Speed Squeegee, 1/8″ Notch, Red Rubber

Midwest Rake 47151 24 Inches Speed Squeegee

It’s undoubtedly the best squeegee for self-leveling epoxy. The size may differ on your demands so be aware of it while purchasing. I’ve used it for spreading epoxy for my neighbor’s garage flooring. It works great and would recommend it for similar jobs. The squeegee is thick enough and epoxy cleaned off efficiently.

The only downside was that the squeegee screws were not available on the two different handles used for it.


  • Multiple material types for your convenience
  • Multiple sizes for picking the right one for your job
  • It is available in an EPDM rubber material that is a favorite for epoxy flooring, deck coating, and other concrete coatings
  • Other materials for general purposes
  • Notched blade design for spreading efficiently
  • It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a polymer threaded handle adapter for the longevity
  • It is the most light-weight squeegee than any other models
Midwest rake Squeegee on a solventless epoxy resin floor

3. FlexSweep Commercial 24″ Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

FlexSweep Commercial 24 Inches Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

It’s a superior tool for removing water, sand, dust, and debris from my epoxy-coated garage floor. The construction is solid and better than any other floor squeegees.

Flip it over to use as a scrapper for dealing with hardened sand and salt remainder. The construction is great and comfortable in the hand. I must say the sturdiest pole of a squeegee I’ve ever used.

This one also works great for thinner floor coating jobs like Rustoleum or box store epoxy. But the frustrating part was the developing rust on every part of the metal. I am using it for one year and it develops bad corrosion within the time.


  • Curved rubber floor squeegee with heavy-duty handle
  • Nearly unbreakable elastomer handle
  • It features an all-weather sleeve to protect your hand’s hygiene
  • A scrapper includes another side of the blade
  • Works well on solid and rough surfaces
  • Made in the USA

4. Haviland 0736 Double Nitrite Foam Rubber Standard Duty Floor Squeegee, 36″ Length

Haviland 0736 Double Nitrite Foam Rubber Standard Duty

It’s another best squeegee for epoxy floor that does a great job at clearing water off my smooth garage floor. The 36 inches of length makes it a great choice for drying the large garage floors. It also speeds up the job than other squeegees. It can be pushed or pulled either way and worked great on both ways.

I have an issue with the handle adapter that is not made of cast aluminum as shown in the first view. It’s good but a bit cheaper construction with that too long screws go forward.

So, be aware if you have the same issues before using it on a smooth epoxy floor. It may result in a scratch on the floor. Cut the extra screws to works fine for you.


  • Made of 16 gauge straight plated steel
  • Works well on low temperatures
  • Also good for high temperatures
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, scaffolds, ozone and sunlight, animal and vegetable oils
  • No issues with degreasers and petroleum products
  • 36 inches wide length
  • Great for epoxy floor, hard to dry areas, grouted tile floors

5. Ettore Curved Industrial Duty Steel Floor Squeegee with Handle, 24-Inch

Ettore Curved Industrial Duty Steel Floor Squeegee with Handle

We kept it for dealing with the heavy-duty cleaning jobs. The construction is good along with the sturdy rubber blade that can take care of any chemicals, sand, debris, and so on. I’ve used it for pushing water off from my epoxy-coated garage floor.

It also works great for scrapping materials, and grit from my garage floor. The length is good to deal quickly with my 20’60’ garage.

The construction is good enough to use on snow removal jobs from my driveways sometimes. The included handle can be changed with any tapered handle if you needed.

But, it requires big muscle power and awareness for operating on the right angle to get the optimal results.


  • Industrial duty steel construction
  • 24 inches length floor squeegee
  • It has a dedicated edge for scrapping sand or any job site debris
  • It can deal with most chemicals, solvents, and paint
  • The handle is sturdy enough for the toughest jobs
  • Easy to operate
  • So much durable and best for the money

6. Qlt By Marshalltown Concrete Notched Squeegee 24″ Straight With Frame 1/4″ Notch

Qlt By Marshalltown Concrete Notched Squeegee

Marshalltown is a good brand that offers quality tools for mostly the construction areas. It was surprising for me to use this one for the first time. It is a quality competitor of Haviland’s notched squeegees.

I would recommend it the perfect notched squeegee for epoxy floor that comes with a heavy-duty steel frame. Its quality notches are the best for spreading epoxy on the concrete floor.

It is highly compatible with Asphalt Broom/Brush Handles from Marshalltown.


  • Comes with 24 inches length
  • ¼ inch V-shaped notches
  • Steel constructed for the ultimate durability
  • 1.85 lbs to the weight
  • Great for use on both industrial and residential purposes

7. Haviland 02118SE EPDM Applicator Squeegee, 18″ Length

Haviland 02118SE EPDM Rubber

I took it from one of my friend’s recommendations and placed it here as a bonus option for you. The applicator squeegee is quite similar to the previous Haviland products. I haven’t used this tool for spreading epoxy on the floor yet. I am asking the pro to review this product in the comment section that may help my readers or so.


I’ve ended my top choices on the best squeegee for epoxy floor. Six of them have been used by myself to ensure the ability for their purposes. They are all good except for a few downsides. I’ve also tried to note them down here so you can be notified before investing in someone’s fake review. Grab the finest self-leveling rake for spreading and cleaning epoxy.

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