Best Floor Squeegee: Top 13 Reviewed For 2021

When it comes to floor cleaning, floor squeegee is maybe the first thing that comes to all of our minds. It is the perfect household item that is designed to remove liquid from your floor. If you clean your own floor then you understand how annoying water deposits can be.

Many people prefer floor squeegee when it comes to removing liquid from floors, because they can move large amounts of water from different floor surfaces, in turn, reducing slip-and-fall accidents. 

It is hard to invest time to compare different products on the market. That’s why I did the hard work for you and managed to find some of the best floor squeegee dominating the market. We are so excited to share them with you so that you can buy one for your home as well. 

13 Best Floor Squeegee Review 2021

#1 Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee

Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee

How good the floor squeegee can be is going to depend on its construction and design. The Rubbermaid floor squeegee is quite unique in its construction and has a great design.

The design particularly ensures easy cleaning without straining your muscle. The design also helps it to go through the uneven surface and clean it thoroughly. It is a great tool to clean up wet or dry spills in commercial, medical, and industrial environments as well. 

This heavy-duty floor squeegee comes with a natural moss rubber blade and it accepts a tapered handle as well. Without any physical trouble, you will be able to use this tool smoothly. This tool is super affordable and one of the best in the market. 

#2 FlexSweep Commercial 24″ Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

FlexSweep Commercial 24 Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

The FlexSweep is probably my favorite floor squeegee. The company boasts about their unbreakable handle, they proudly say “One handle for life”. It is designed to let you clean any mess without overworking your muscles.

The ergonomic curved design gives you efficiency and convenience in your work. The squeegee comes with an all-weather sleeve that protects your hands and a scrapper as well. It has a patent-pending easy flip design to enhance durability.  

This amazing squeegee is a great tool that is going to ease your work. Especially the rigid handle which is to ensure it does not break while cleaning tough stains. It also comes with a foam blade which is perfect for all-terrain surfaces. Overall, this is a perfect tool for heavy cleaning. 

#3 Floor Squeegee by Ravmag

Floor Squeegee by Ravmag- Uber Durable Silicone Blade

In our home or toilet, there are some places where we just can’t reach out to dry the place. Sounds relatable, right?

Well to mitigate all of our miseries Ravmag has designed a handy floor squeegee with an adjustable joint, that will allow you to lock it in place for sturdiness, or unlock it to dry those hard-to-reach areas with total ease.

With the 17- inch wide-angle blade, you’ll get your surfaces spotlessly clean in record time.

Do not worry about the blade because this is not just a regular blade with rubber strips that quickly wear off or fall out. This particular blade is made with a solid piece of silicone that offers nothing but durability.

You are going to love the lightweight build and the 58-inch long floor squeegee handle that will eliminate your painful bending. With this Ravmag floor squeegee, you will forget the painfulness of chores and appreciate the simplicity. 

#4 Ettore Curved Industrial Duty Steel Floor Squeegee 

Ettore Curved Industrial Duty Steel Floor Squeegee

The Ettore curved industrial floor squeegee is excellent for moving water and clean-up on grounds and floors. It is a perfect tool for decks, garages, driveways, sidewalks, industrial sites, and beyond.

The slightly curved design on the floor squeegee helps to contain liquids or fluids in one direction. The strong construction makes this floor squeegee more reliable and efficient for everyday use.

Does not matter where you use it. It can be your garage or even your job site. This Industrial heavy-duty floor squeegee will always give you its best performance. The Galvanized steel construction is able to rest corrosion and rust. 

Due to its excellent grip on the handle, you can handle a big project in a very short time. If you want your heavy-duty cleaning to be smooth and convenient then this Ettore steel floor squeegee is a classic option for you. 

#5 Yocada Floor Squeegee Scrubber

Yocada Floor Squeegee Scrubber 54in Long

The Yocada floor squeegee scrubber is a lightweight, multipurpose floor squeegee that cleans both wet and dry areas smoothly. It has a 180-degree pivoting head, with that you can clean areas that are difficult to reach.  

The long iron pole’s length can be adjusted from 43.3 inches to 54.3 inches, you can just open the lock on the pole to adjust. This squeegee dries efficiently so that you don’t need to hassle with extra drying.

You can also clean up your pet hair with this scrubber if you want. You can easily dry your floor surface efficiently and remove the dirt and hair easily with this scrubber.

The Yocada floor squeegee scrubber is suitable for garage, courtyard, shower, bathroom, floor marble glass, tile water foam cleaning effectively. It is an excellent value for your money. 

#6 Unger – 967490 Curved Floor Squeegee

Unger Professional AquaDozer MAX Kit with 24 Smooth Surface Straight Floor Squeegee

The Unger Floor squeegee has some unique features that will make you appreciate more about this tool that it comes with a curved hood and maxwave technology.

Due to this technology, this floor squeegee will move up to 50% more water, debris, and slush with minimal effort. It also comes with a long-lasting blade. which is made in a way that it resists oils, chemicals as well as acids to stand the test of time.

Moreover, the aluminum pole comes in a lightweight design which makes it comfortable to clean dirty areas without any muscle pain or inconvenience. 

The galvanized steel construction of this tool provides plenty of strength and durability. For that when it comes to moving large volumes of water or debris, Unger Curved floor squeegee is the choice of semi-professionals and DIYers. This is the best tool to use on smooth surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

#7 KOLLIEE Floor Squeegee Adjustable

KOLLIEE Floor Squeegee Adjustable Professional Water Squeegee

If any tool serves multipurpose, we all fall over it, because everybody loves something that does multiple jobs at once.

The Kolliee floor squeegee is a great example of a multifunctional tool which is perfect for garage, tile, wet floor. This floor squeegee can easily remove hair, water, dirt, etc., and it also can be used as a window squeegee. The 

adjustable handle feature is a great use which length from 25 to 50 inches. This tool is incredibly maneuverable as it has a knuckle joint feature that adjusts by 180 degrees.

For that you can easily clean the neglected corners, window surfaces without scratching. This floor squeegee has a construction of a stainless-steel handle and it also has a premium foam blade. 

This Kolliee floor squeegee is Easy to assemble and its 50″ long handle is long enough for your daily use. Its affordable price is also a great reason that makes it an idle tool to have in your home or workplace.  

#8 Ulihome Floor Squeegee with Long Handle

Ulihome Floor Squeegee with Long Handle-min

With a very soft foam blade design, the Ulihome floor squeegee a is a great tool for cleaning concrete, hardwood, wood, and tile floor without scratching. This water push squeegee will keep your home dry and clean with very minimal effort. 

This floor squeegee comes with 3 stainless steel poles. The adjustable length of this squeegee is from 34 inches to 51 inches so that you can adjust the handle according to your need without any inconvenience.

The Foam floor squeegee is 16.5″ in width which helps you finish your house chores quickly and reduce the cleaning time dramatically.

The handle with a fixed clasp to make the floor squeegee more solid and no shaking while using that, it will make your housework simpler and more effective. The customer satisfaction is great you can tell by the rating of this product. That’s why you can buy this tool with full confidence. 

#9 Rubbermaid Commercial Standard Floor Squeegee

Rubbermaid Commercial FG9C2700BLA Standard Floor Squeegee

All the floor squeegee you see on the market don’t always meet your expectations. Only the best one will give you the benefits and convenience you are looking for.

The Rubbermaid commercial standard floor squeegee is the tool that will definitely meet your expectation and give you the comfort you need while cleaning your floor.

This standard floor squeegee has a dual moss rubber blade and it accepts a tapered handle. In most cases the handle can give you a hard time but, in this case, this long handle will help you reach areas that are hard to clean. 

This Rubbermaid Standard floor squeegee is a durable tool that lasts longer than any other tool on the market. It creates a more efficient cleaning environment and is able to remove large quantities of water and liquids as well. 

#10 Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee with 50.6″ Long Handle

The feature that differentiates this heavy-duty floor squeegee from all these floor squeegees on the market is its 51” long stainless-steel pole. The benefit of this long handle is it saves your back and knees; you don’t need to climb or kneel anymore to clean hard to reach areas.

You can clean the blind spots of the floor, corners of walls, and bathroom easily. Having an extra-wide 17.5 inches blade is a great advantage, it allows you to finish your work much faster with every pull.

Moreover, it comes with a high-quality foam rubber blade that prevents spotting and saves you the hassle of additional drying using towels or mops.

It’s convenient for you to clean wherever you want with this Heavy-duty floor squeegee such as a dirty wall, grease stain on the floor, corners, recesses, and grout lines.

Not only can it be used for walls, kitchen, bathroom, but also works well for garage, sidewalk, deck, stadium, and much more indoor or outdoor surfaces.

#11 Haviland 036C Synthetic Rubber Buna Blend Standard Duty Curved Floor Squeegee

Haviland 036C Synthetic Rubber Buna Blend Standard Duty Curved Floor Squeegee

The Haviland standard duty curved floor squeegee features robust construction that makes it an ideal tool for heavy-duty scrubbing activities. The design entails 16 gauge curved plated steel which is strong and excellent for abrasion and resistance.

This is also a great use for removing vegetable and animal oils. In all these circumstances this tool works perfectly in both high and low temperatures. With all these features this Haviland has also a curved 36-inch long handle for perfect leverage.

If you are looking for a floor squeegee with great features and a long handle that comes at a reasonable price then you should give it a thought about this tool. It is a great tool that you will not be disappointed after buying. 

#12 24″ SWOPT Floor Squeegee – 60″ Comfort Wooden Handle 

24 SWOPT Floor Squeegee

Keep your closet clean and organized with SWOPT floor squeegee. This amazing cleaning tool will change the idea of cleaning for you. With the interchangeable cleaning system, you can be more efficient when cleaning and you can also save your precious storage space as well.  

This high-quality combo squeegee has a blade on one side and a detachable microfiber pad on the other. This tool is also compatible with your entire cleaning system, allowing you to quickly and easily change cleaning tools with a simple push of a button.

You can use one SWOPT handle with multiple cleaning heads and save money easily. This tool is ideal for cleaning windows and other glass surfaces.

The SWOPT floor squeegee is built to last. Moreover, the company gives you a lifetime warranty, so that you can rest assured that your cleaning tools will be effective for years to come.

#13 CLEANHOME Floor Squeegee to Remove Water for Bathroom 

CLEANHOME Mini Floor Squeegee

Probably the most interesting feature that you will appreciate about this floor squeegee is the fact that it comes with a head that rotates through 180 degrees. Therefore, you can adjust the head easily according to your need and it will eventually meet all your cleaning needs.

With its flexibility, there will be no much bending or climbing while using this cleaning tool. The Cleanhome floor squeegee comes with a special EVA material that is soft but does not absorb moisture and does not need to be wrung out.

Cleaning with this tool becomes effortless to use with the light aluminum pole. This is a great floor squeegee you can also adjust its length for your convenience while cleaning. 

This multifunctional water Squeegee is a perfect cleaning tool for garage, tile, wooden floor and the floor squeegee can easily remove water, hair, pet hair, it can also be used as a window squeegee as well.

Look Before You Buy Floor Squeegee

Although it seems just a cleaning tool yet there are some factors you need to consider before buying a floor squeegee. As we have almost gone through all the best floor squeegee the market has to offer, we prescribe you to think about some factors when having thought about buying one. The three main factors that are very crucial are given below.


Floor squeegees come in different sizes and you have to determine what is the size that you need for you. It thoroughly depends on your needs and your living condition.

Generally, we all know that a large area requires a large floor squeegee and comparatively a small area requires a small or adjustable squeegee.  


This is also another important factor that you need to consider when shopping for a floor squeegee. First, you need to be concerned about the material that is used for the blade.

Then it comes to the handle, it has to be sturdy and comfortable grip so the material has to be of good quality. Otherwise while cleaning the experience will not be pleasant at all. 


Last but not the least, adjustability is a big factor that you should not forget when purchasing a squeegee. When it comes to adjustability, we generally refer to the pole or the handle.

With the adjustable cleaning tool, you will not experience any kind of pain as you will not have to bend too much.

The benefit of the adjustability is you can always set the length of your handle to your desired level. For it becomes easier to clean the areas that are hard to reach and you don’t have to bend too much as well.

How to apply floor squeegee?

Final words: 

Purchasing an idle floor squeegee is a great investment for your home or workplace. It completely changes the manner in which you get your hard floors clean. An idle floor squeegee does not give you a bad experience while cleaning. However, it makes cleaning more interesting and enjoyable. 

The purpose of this article is to create awareness among buyers as to the best floor squeegee the market has to offer.

We have limited ourselves to the 13 best floor squeegee that we think is best in the market compared to other products. With all these individual product reviews and our buying guide, you will be able to make a firm decision about which one you should buy.