12 Best Floor Scrapers In 2022(Reviews & Guide)

Isn’t floor scrapping a tough job? Yes, it is! Anyone who has ever scraped their floor once in their life will tell you that it is a damn tough job. But it becomes much easier when you use the right tool. With the best floor scraper, you can remove the old and dull tiles, wood, or concrete and change the entire look of your room. 

Now, looking for the best floor scraper is also a tiresome job. For that to save your time we have made a list of the top 12 floor scrapers so that you can easily remove the old flooring that looks gloomy in your interior. 

You can choose the right floor scraper form below and save your time and labor. Happy floor scraping!    

Best Floor Scraper Reviews 2022

#1 UNGER Black/Green 1/2″ Aluminum/Nylon Scraper


Unger aluminum scraper is an ideal tool for light-duty works such as gum, stickers, wax build-up, and caked-on dirt. The scrapper’s head is angled for better performance, greater control, and strength.

The 4″ razor-sharp blade eliminates the need for strenuous scraping on all hard surface floors including the vinyl and resilient tile, flat and smooth surfaces. This blunt blade is for delicate, uneven floors, and the lightweight gives you more comfort than any other scrappers. 

The Unger ½” Aluminum scraper comes with a handle that has an ergonomic grip and a hanging hole which makes your work more convenient and productive. Moreover, the package comes with a blade cover so that you don’t have to worry about safety.

#2 Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

Doesn’t it bother you when you see sticky materials on your floor or any surface in your home? I bet it does. To remove this kind of sticky material you don’t need to work hard anymore. The Ettore heavy-duty floor scraper will instantly remove any sticky materials from surfaces.

The Carbon steel blade effectively removes tape, gum, wax, and any sticky material you can name of. The scrapper’s Angled head is conveniently positioned to clean hard-to-reach areas so that you don’t have to leave any area unclean. The aluminum handle comes with a grip that allows effortless maneuverability for you. 

With this Ettore heavy-duty floor scraper, your work becomes so seamless due to its unique features. Moreover, the rubber grip allows easy maneuverability for efficient cleaning without any fatigue.

#3 Warner 5″ Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

Warner 5" Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

When choosing the best rated floor scraper for tile or wood place, you must go for such blades that are sharp enough to lift paint or tar but not too sharp that will eventually slice the surface. That’s why the warner 5″ heavy-duty floor scraper is an ideal solution to your problem.

As the hammerhead is very lightweight you will feel so comfortable while working with it.

If you are thinking due to its lightweight it won’t stand out on rough surfaces then you are completely wrong. Because it easily removes adhesives or debris from all metal, wood, concrete, unpainted surfaces. 

Apart from all these features the most impressive part of this floor scraper is its wide blade. The blade is five inches in width that stays on one plank at a time and you don’t need to worry about facing any accident or do any damage to the plank, because wider blades are perfect for floor scraping purposes. 

This warner 5″ heavy-duty floor scraper is advanced in both quality and value. You will not be disappointed with this amazing floor scraper once you have it.

#4 Bully Tools 91300 Floor scraper

Roll over image to zoom in VIDEO Bully Tools 91300 Floor Bully Flooring Scraper

If you are done with thin blades that break easily after a while, the Bully 91300-floor scraper might save the day for you. Its 6 inches extra-thick 11-gauge steel blade will take a long time before it breaks or bends. This floor scraper re-sharpens with a file or grinder to easily remove floor debris and laminate.

The triple wall fiberglass handle resists breakage easily while still being lightweight and easy to handle. With this handle, you can easily clean rough surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. This floor scraper will make your day-to-day scraping experience more convenient and enjoyable. 

The Bully Tools is bringing back that tradition with tools that are built to last and endure years of hard labor. This product is made of high quality but it comes at a very reasonable price which makes this tool a great purchase.

#5 SPKLINE  3″ x 10″ thinset floor scraper

SPKLINE 3 Inch Wide Tile & Thinset Scaling Chisel SDS-Plus Shank 3" x 10" Thinset Scraper

The high-quality hardened steel alloy floor scraper will blow your mind with its performance. This steel floor scraper with heat treatment process this scaling chisel is very hard and durable to support you with all kinds of scaling jobs. It is especially good for the removal of old tiles, thinset, mortar, and other adhesives.

Due to its longer length (3″ x 10″), it is easier and much more comfortable for daily operation. It also lets you reach into the corner and place where there is not enough space.

The Optimal geometry design of this tool offers comfortable usage with less vibration. The machine sharpened edge guarantees you high efficiency in tile and thin set breaking and removing.

This tool is also compatible with Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Hilti, Makita, Hitachi, and all other brands’ electric or cordless SDS+ rotary hammers with chipping or chiseling functions. 

With this tool, you will get a high thinset removal rate, easy operation, long lifetime endurance, wide compatibility with all SDS-Plus system impact drills, and rotary hammers. The small size is also an added advantage that gives you the flexibility to use this tool easily.

#6 ABN Floor Razor Scraper

ABN Floor Razor Scraper

The feature that separates this ABN floor scraper from all the scrapers in the market is its adjustable, twist-lock telescopic handle which extends from 3 feet to 6 feet.

Due to this feature, you get a comfortable position and greater control and strength while scraping for that you don’t need to crawl around on your knees anymore.

This scraper easily removes flooring and residue on multiple surfaces for any demolition or clean-up job. It removes old flooring, tile, vinyl, carpet, and adhesives and also Reduces the need for strenuous scraping and saves your valuable time and strain.

The 8-inch dual-sided blade is positioned at a 15-degree angle for maximum leverage with the extendable handle which gives you the best leverage. Moreover, the replaceable blade is there to give you maximum work performance.

While using this ABN floor razor scraper you won’t have to worry about maintenance at all. The features and the work performance of this tool are outstanding as well.

#7 SPKLINE 4-Inch-Wide SDS-Plus Floor Scraper

SPKLINE 4 Inch Wide SDS-Plus Floor Scraper

The spinkle SDS+ floor scraper is specially designed to clean up thinset/ adhesive/ mortar/ tiles easily. It can lift tough thinset, grout, tiles & more. Also removes all thinset, adhesives, and mortar fast with minimum effort.

With its extra-wide 4″ and lightweight blade, it brings high efficiency, great comfort, and easy operation for the users. This tool is widely used by DIYers, homeowners, contractors, and professional tradesmen for tiles, thinset, mortar, and other adhesive removing projects.

It is made of high-quality forged tempered steel, a tough body, and a flexible blade so there is no question about toughness. It is also designed specifically for high-impact stresses with durability and long lifetime use. 

This SDS-Plus SPKLINE handy and lightweight floor scraper is for effortless and easy operation. This is an Ideal scraper tool bit for a light-weighted SDS-Plus rotary hammer or hammer drill. The reason you should have this tool is you can do a heavy-duty job with this tool very.

#8 QEP 62909Q 8″ Adjustable Razor Floor scraper

QEP 62909Q 8" Adjustable Razor Floor Stripper

The QEP 8 inches razor floor scraper removes old tile, adhesive, vinyl, carpet, and other floor-covering materials smoothly. Its twist-lock, telescoping handle adjusts from 3 ft. To 6 ft. so that you can adjust the handle according to your need while scraping.

The 15-Degree angled 8-inch blade head is for ease of comfort while scraping. This amazing blade angle gives you more efficiency during surface preparation because it reduces the time and labor needed to remove a floor, ultimately impacting a project’s return on investment.

This floor scraper comes with a Canvas blade guard and a Deluxe cushioned grip that will give you immense comfort while scraping. 

For those who admire the simplicity of form and function beyond everything else, they are going to love this QEP 8″ Adjustable Razor Floor scraper. That’s because this hand scraper consists of little more than a piece of high-quality steel in the shape of a playing card, only slightly larger. It will add a new degree to your scraping experience. 

#9 Kraft Tool GG014 Floor Scraper

Kraft Tool GG018 Floor Scraper

This heavy-duty Kraft Tool GG014 Floor scraper is ideal for work clean-up as well as prepping surfaces for remodeling and refurbishments. This multi-purpose tool can also be used to clean and shave excess material from concrete and wood surfaces.

The attached 14″ blade is firm but flexible with that blade your job can be done smoothly.

Each side of the blade has a bent edge where it attaches to the bracket to reinforce the top and provide more leverage for scraping and the bracket can extend up to a 5″ handle for the security of the blade. It comes with a heavy-duty 54″ metal handle that provides excellent leverage when scraping.

The handle of this scraper is coated to provide a better grip while working and it features a textured foam grip that provides a comfortable end when scraping up stuck-on materials. Overall, all these features make this tool a must-have on a job site.

#10 SDS Max Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

SDS Max Floor Scraper

This SDS Max Heavy Duty Floor Scraper can remove the previous flooring and change the whole look of your interior floor. This tool has taken the floor scraping to another level! It is made of top-grade raw materials by avoiding harmful chemical properties. 

Besides the wooden floor, you can also use this floor scraper for breaking the tiles as well.

It can remove over 1600 square feet of tile without showing any wear off and on top of that, you will not face any hassle to do the corners because its size is small enough to reach tight corners.

The blade is flexible enough to do its job perfectly as much is necessary to remove the thin-set and the tiles. 

This SDS Max Heavy Duty Floor Scraper is a Very Heavy Duty, Contractor Grade that has been specially designed to remove thin sets and tiles even in very rough conditions. 

NOTE: The SDS Max Floor Scraper will not fit SDS+ Rotary Hammer or the SDS Max Floor scraper nor Devald Chipping Hammer. The Rotary Hammer has to have an SDS Max Chuck for better performance. Please use a rotary hammer of 12 Amp or higher!

#11 BBTO Long-handle Floor Wall Scraper

BBTO Long handle Floor Wall Scraper

The BBTO Long-handle Floor Wall Scraper tool is made of durable plastic and steel with solid construction. It is made of good quality material for a long-term application, and Its long and non-slip grip handle makes scraping faster and easier than ever.

BBTO Long-handle Floor Wall Scrape is a very effective tool to remove something that is glued on the surfaces and also suitable for scraping wallpaper, adhesive residue, loose paint, vinyl, and tile. It features a thin razor edge so that you can scrape on any surface smoothly. Another great feature it has is its long handle approx. 32 cm/ 12.6 inches in total length and the long and non-slip grip handle makes scraping faster and easier.

This BBTO Long-handle floor scraper tool is made of durable plastic and steel with solid construction. This tool will give you a pleasant and long-term service for sure. 

#12 4 Inch Razor Blade Tile/Floor/Wall Scraper 

4 Inch Razor Blade TileFloorWall Scraper

The 4″ wallpaper remover tool is made of durable plastic and steel with a solid construction, good quality for a long-term application. You can use this razor blade scraper for removing window glass wallpaper, any stick, and peel, sticker, glue, paint floor adhesive, which is a necessary tool for household cleanliness. With this amazing tool, you can save both time and effort. 

The razor blade tile scraper tool is 32 cm/ 12.6 inches in length, it cleans dead corners in a large area seamlessly. The length and non-slip grip handle make scraping faster and easier compared to other tools.

Due to its length and grip, you can keep your hands away from dirt. Moreover, the non-slip rubber grip gives you comfort and control, which is saving your energy and avoiding any kind of danger. 

The razor is 4 inches/ 10 cm in width whose edge allows for precision scraping. The packet contains 2 scrapers and 10 extra blades so that you are set for years and don’t have to worry about buying or replacing blades any sooner. 

Things to consider before buying a floor scraper:

The market is filled with numerous varieties of floor scraper, you must consider a few things before you are going to grab a suitable and premium floor scraper.

we will try our best to be able to instruct you to pick the top-rated floor scraper. For that, we will be giving you some factors that will help you in the process.

You will be able to save your money from wasting and invest it in a fruitful product that will give you the best output and experience. 


Without any doubt, Scrape jobs are dangerous to work. You must maintain safety measures while doing it but no matter how careful you are, accidents might occur if the product is not right.

That’s why you need to give priority to a tool that has safety measures for that we have combined all the floor scrapers that will show top-notch performance and ensure your safety with comfort.

Handle and Grip Comfort:

A medium to longer handle will give you a better grip than smaller handles. With large handles, you can get more leverage and control with it.

Moreover, you can get access to the tight corners and tough to reach areas with such a kind of handle. In that way, you can make your work much easier. 

Blade Size and Quality:

The performance of a floor scraper depends on the quality of the size and the material used to make the blade.

Generally, wide blades are comparatively better than the narrow ones as it becomes stronger and covers more areas. If you buy blades with four to six inches of width then you can work in any place be it larger areas or tight corners.

User Friendly:

Floor scraping isn’t that fun, right? You better choose the one that removes the residues from the surface instantly with a swipe.

You need to find a user-friendly efficient scraper to do your job smoothly. The brands we have mentioned above all are user-friendly and efficient so that you do not need much time or effort to operate.


Not all premium quality products tend to come at the highest price. Top tools are not always that expensive if you know how to identify one. If you analyze our products, you will see all the scrapers come at reasonable prices yet they ensure top-notch quality.


1. How to use a floor scraper blades?

When using a scraper blade, you should hold the scraper like you would hold a long-handled broom or rake. By running it along the surface of the floor with some force, the floor scraper will separate whatever you are trying to remove from the floor’s surface.

 2. Why is the floor scraper necessary?

A floor scraper is essential before you are thinking of changing your old floor. The floor scraper will make it easier to remove the old flooring quickly and easily without causing any damage to sub-flooring.

3. Can I use it to remove plaster from the pool?

Floor scrapers are designed for thin and concrete surfaces. It may probably go hard if you use it for pool plaster that’s why we do not recommend you to do that.

4. Is there any risk of breaking my tiles while scraping?

NEVER! If you understand the process of using the tool and follow as shown, there will be no chance of damaging or breaking your floor.

5. Is there any way to remove old flooring? I want to renovate my house.

Yes, there is. You can entirely remove the old tiles, concrete, wooden surfaces, or adhesives with a floor scraper.

Final Words

We have tried to provide some valuable information about the best floor scraper that you need to know before buying one. You know how to make a wise decision given all the necessary information.

There are numerous floor scrapers on the market. But we have selected the finest 12 scrapers out of them. Hopefully, this article is going to help you with all your confusion