10 Best Floor Pillows Reviews In 2021

Do you want to make your living room more vibrant and elegant? If you want to then two or three-floor pillows might do the work.

The floor pillow will give you style and comfort to your home while providing an idle area for relaxing with your friends and family. It fulfills many purposes at different times. It can really wake up your room, make great extra seating when needed, adds color and texture to your floor, and brings a new level of coziness to your space.   

We have reviewed the 10 best floor pillows in this article that have a slightly more dressed-up feel than many floor pillows you see on the market, which means it will look at home in both more formal and casual spaces.

So, if you are looking for floor pillows to amplify the look of your living room then go through this list and buy the one you love. 

10 Best Floor Pillows 2021

#1 HIGOGOGO Floor Pillow, Square Meditation Pillow

HIGOGOGO Floor Pillow

The HIGOGOGO floor pillow Is designed with grey color and has nine stitching positions to prevent deformation. This square pillow is a multipurpose high-quality seating cushion, you can also use it for Meditation or Yoga.

This floor pillow can be used for home decor, for beds, floors, sofa, reading books, watching tv and it is more comfortable than rugs or mats. The floor pillow has a very skin-friendly corduroy fabric and the mid filling is of PP cotton fabric.

This seat cushion has a good rebound effect, it is breathable and comfortable and it relaxes your hips. 

This HIGOGOGO floor pillow will create a soft base for your child and will add great decoration to the kids’ room and living room as well.

There are 8 color choices you can choose from to decorate the living room or bedroom. It is effortless to clean them; that’s why it won’t be an extra hassle for you.

#2 Intelligent Design Azza Floor Pillow Square

Intelligent Design Azza Floor Pillow

The intelligent Design square floor pillow gives your living room a nice gesture. It is 100% Polyester Chenille and sophisticated tufted design with scalloped edge and also paired with textured chenille cover for luxurious look.

It is the perfect kind of pillow for floor sitting where you can relax with your guest or friend and family.

This floor pillow gives your living room a sort of casual vibe where everyone can blend in easily and hang out and chill. It looks pretty cool and luxurious as well in the bed room or living room. 

This Intelligent floor pillow comes in different attractive colors. You can decorate your living room or bed room with four-five Intelligent Azza square floor pillows and can create an amazing environment. 

#3 HIGOGOGO Round Boho Pillow

HIGOGOGO Round Boho Pillow

Most of the floor pillows we see on the markets are mostly square in shape but I like the round one more just like the HIGOGOGO round boho pillow. This pillow is skin-friendly and comes with cotton linen fabric which is comfortable and super-soft touching.

The mid filling is PP cotton fabric, which has a very good rebound effect, it relaxes your hips. Sitting on these pillows is a great way to at ease and chat with friends and family.

With this large seat cushion, you can do meditation or yoga in silence. The round cotton linen floor pillow is suitable for your living room or bedroom. You can also decorate your indoor-outdoor garden with these round pillows. 

This HIGOGOGO seat cushion features a bohemian style in coffee color and tribal culture with nine stitching positions to prevent deformation. There is everything to love about this round boho pillow that you should give it a thought if you consider buying one. 

#4 Shubhlaxmifashion 32″ Blue Mandala Floor Pillow

Shubhlaxmifashion 32" Blue Mandala Floor Pillow

Mandala Floor Cushions are the perfect home decor piece to create a bright, unique, and extra comfy space in your bedroom or living room. You can use them to watch TV or use them as an extra seat.

This floor pillow cover is made of the best quality cotton fabric and is super soft to the touch that makes this floor pillow such a beautiful piece.  You can sit on it, relax your feet upon it, or you can also use it as a decorative piece by adding a blast of color to your living space.

You can mix these pillows with modern, contemporary, or traditional decor. They will blend in with anything and everything and make your space more beautiful than before.  

These Mandala floor pillows are great as a gift that you can send on any occasion or holidays to your loved ones. They are so attractive and colorful that each one is an art and adds to your collection.

#5 COTTON CRAFT Jute & Cotton Multi Chindi 

Cotton Craft Jute & Cotton Multi Chindi Braid Rug

In this era of automation there is still some room for handmade authentic stuff. This Cotton craft is an example of handmade floor pillow from 100 Percent natural jute fibers and filled with 100 Percent poly multi-color vibrant recycled cotton rags – braided together.

Each of these floor pillows consists of a unique color blend that will amplify the look of your living space and bedroom.

This high-quality floor pillow is made of handcrafted woven and braided and uniquely from sustainably harvested 100 percent natural jute fibers and multi-colored recycled fabrics. You will fall in love with the attractive colors and unique round shape. 

This floor pillow is a perfect piece for your home decoration and also you can use them as an extra seat when needed. 

Note: Practice caution around open flames. Indoor Use Only.

#6 Majestic Home Goods Villa Floor Pillow, Fern

Majestic Home Goods Villa Floor Pillow, Fern

You can watch a movie on the Majestic Home Goods oversized floor pillow that has enough space for two adults. This pillow is filled with super loft recycled polyester fiber fill.

The Majestic floor pillows will add just the right amount of comfort to any room. They look just as good as they feel which makes them a perfect accent piece to your home. 

The Inserts are filled with super high loft poly fiber fill to give them an ultra-soft cushion feel which feels really comfy.

These oversized pillows also come with removable slipcovers you can just zip off to clean them easily. You can clean the slipcover with mild detergent and hang dry. 

When you have more guests than your seating arrangement the Majestic floor pillow will save the day for you. These amazing floor pillows are great value for money. 

#7 Butterfly Craze Girls Flower Floor Pillow

Butterfly Craze - Flower Floor Cushion

With the Butterfly flower pillow, you can transform any bedroom or playroom into a garden gateway. You can decorate your place with this cushion in beds, sofas, reading books, watching TV, floors, and this floor pillow is way more comfortable than rugs or mats.

These beautiful floor pillows are made of ultra-soft boa fabric that are softer than velvet and this beautiful decorative throw pillow will brighten your kids’ room exponentially. These pillows are made of ultra-soft and they are perfect for snuggling. They are made sturdy and will keep their shape for a very long time.

A few of these flower pillows can be a great gift for your kids. They are affordable and kids love these kinds of stuff. Moreover, it is also easy to clean the pillow so that as parents you won’t have to go through much trouble.

For light dirt, just use a wet damp sponge to wipe off. You can also wash them in a washing machine with a gentle cycle, and air dry. 

#8 Florensi Meditation Cushion

Florensi Meditation Cushion Large Velvet Meditation Pillow

If you are a hardcore meditator than this Florensi Meditation cushion is for you. This Florensi cushion is a classic meditation cushion that will meet all the needs of yours.

Since this is a classic meditation cushion it is entirely filled with buckwheat hulls and for that this cushion is soft but sturdy and comfortable enough to sit on while you meditate, but robust enough to endure over time sitting.

The buckwheat is wrapped in a soft velvet cover, as the cover is removable and machine washable which makes it incredibly easy to clean. The high-quality materials with the best buckwheat hulls ensure that the cushion will not flatten overtime and will stay comfortable and supportive for years to come.

This pillow is relatively wide and tall which makes it large enough to accommodate a range of people of all shapes and sizes.

This round meditation pillow allows the delicate curves of your spine to fall into place for extended periods of comfortable sitting which makes it a particularly versatile pick.

#9 HYSEAS Decorative Round Throw Pillow

HYSEAS Decorative Round Throw Pillow

If you’re looking to enhance your home decor but don’t want to invest in any big purchases like a new couch or curtains, it’s time to look into throw pillows. They are very cost-effective and simple decor items that make a big impact to the style of your home.

This HYSEAS round throw pillow is an ideal purchase if you are looking for something similar that will amplify the vibe of your bedroom or living room.

It applies the latest 3D digital printing technology to provide a more realistic funny picture for you and comes in various patterns like foam stump, green stump, dark grey stump.

The size of this decorative funny wood log round throw pillow is approximately 14x14x2.75 inches and it is made with skin-friendly soft fabric that would be the best choices for family, friends, and children. 

The pillowcase is removable and the invisible zipper allows you to easily remove the pillow cover and clean. The pillow cover and insert are made of different materials.

Moreover, the shell is made of 100% polyester microfiber and the liner is the resilient sponge that makes this pillow comfier.

#10 Gokul Handloom Indian Large Mandala Pillow

Gokul Handloom Indian Large Mandala Floor Pillow

If your home has indian/boho theme or you want to make a small gesture like that then start with this Gokul Handloom Mandala pillow. They are made of 100% cotton and come with Indian Mandala print. These Poufs are great to use as floor pillows around the house.

You can use them with many purposes like you can decorate your bedroom or living room, they can fulfil your seating arrangement when there are extra guests in your home and many more ways you can use them.

The other thing you will appreciate about this pillow is it’s really big! It is 32” that is enough to cover a large area with a small investment. 

The Gokul indian large pillow comes in different colors so that you can choose according to your home’s vibe. This large pillow is a great investment to your home that will last for a long time.

What are the essentials to look for when buying a floor pillow?

There are some essential factors to consider before buying a floor. Maybe you are thinking it’s just a floor pillow, why waste time thinking about this rather buy whichever comes first.

But the thing is it’s not just a floor pillow. It’s an investment to your home decor, it represents your taste. That’s why there are some factors we should have in mind before buying one. 

Size of the pillow:

There are different sizes of pillows in the market. Standard size, king size, queen size makes sure you choose as per your use. If it does not adjust into the space you have for a pillow then it becomes useless. 

Purpose of use:

There are many kinds of pillows out there it can be for meditation, yoga, home decoration, seating arrangement, for kids and many other purposes these pillows fulfils. You need to figure for what purpose you are buying and can it fulfill your needs?


Pillow materials are the most important factor to consider. The materials will determine whether it will give you comfort or pain. If the pillow comes with sturdy material, it can be durable and provide you long lasting comfort. 

Removable pillow cover:

This is another important factor to consider when selecting the right floor pillow. Make sure you get floor pillows that have a zip on the corner, which are removable such as the pottery barn floor pillow so that you can wash and clean them frequently. 


Floor pillows come in different shapes. Don’t buy anything that does not go with your home decor, it will look bizarre. So, be very careful about that.


We have covered 10 best floor pillows, all of them are customers’ favorites. If you are thinking of buying floor pillows and you don’t have time to research which one would be perfect for you.

I would suggest first go through our list and see which one meets your requirements then buy that one. it’s that simple.  You can thoroughly rely on our reviews and information.