8 Best Floor Chair Reviews

You may not get a chance to stay in the land of marshmallows anytime soon. However, you can get the vibe simply by grabbing a floor chair. Imagine your butt landing on its squishy body; your hips will feel the ease. Hanging out with your buddies will be comfier.

But the problem is, you can’t always get the best floor chair in the market. The ones that come with quality can cost you an arm and a leg. At the same time, the cheap ones will tear anytime soon.

Well, guess what? We’ll make sure you can get your hands on the perfect floor chair. Just read the reviews and choose your pick.

8 Best Floor Chair Reviews For 2021

Without further ado, let’s move on to the comprehensive reviews of some of the versatile floor chairs which we picked after plenty of research and analysis. Go down below to know which one is ideal for you. 

#1 Padded Floor MALU-CHAIR – Best Overall

Padded Floor MALU-CHAIR

Luxury and comfort are what this MALU-CHAIR offers. You can transfer this efficient piece of chair with ease from room to park. And guess what? It takes pretty little time to install when we compare it to the traditional or regular chairs.

The floor chair comes with a posture-promoting design, so it is clear that you can sit on it for hours and hours at a stretch with no stress or fatigue. Its efficient back support lets you keep your back in a stable position in order to relieve lower back pain and deliver natural comfort.

It adds additional comfort with its luxury vegan leather, the entire body is filled with soft foam, and there is a padded headrest to extend your comfort levels while you want to lie on it.

Fortunately, you can adjust it in five different modes to accommodate a variety of sitting preferences. And for easy storing, you can fold it completely flat while you want. This is the benefit of using a floor chair instead of regular chairs; what do you think?

Well, alongside the comfort and flexibility, MALLU-CHAIR boasts just around 6.39 pounds of weight for easy transferring; in addition, there is an adjustable carry strap so that you can move it to the stadium, park, camping trip, picnic, or wherever you really want.

Definitely, it could be a good option for college dorms, toddler’s sleepover, video games, and yoga practice.

For ultimate durability, this floor chair is made of high-quality microfiber, and the inner steel frame makes it very strong and able to support nearly 220 pounds. The microsuede cover is removable, and you can take it out for washing it through your hands or washing machine. 

#2 Portable Floor Chair from BonVIVO – Best Floor Chair for Comfort

Portable Floor Chair from BonVIVO

Built with a combination of PE and PU foam, this particular floor chair from BonVIVO can conform to every body shape for increasing relaxation.

It is much comfortable, easily foldable, and most importantly, the backrest comes with a locking feature that provides you better support so that you can achieve a convenient sitting position.

This floor chair is a perfect example of aesthetics and comfort. It adds extra beauty to your living room and allows users to sit on in to play video games, take some rest, and practice yoga. Thanks to the polyurethane with stain-resistant synthetic fiber, which makes it comfortable and easy to wash at the same time.

Its overall weight is less than 6 pounds; as a result, anyone can move it with ease from one place to another. The measurement of this chair is around 38.58 x 3.15 x 16.93-inch, ideal for both toddlers and adults.

It fits perfectly with any room, and the tiny footprint makes it simple to store under your bed after folding it like a bag.

Despite being lightweight, it ensures maximum durability because of its interior steel frame. Like our previous pick, it is capable of taking 220 pounds of weight, so it doesn’t matter whether you are skinny or a bit weighty.

Cleaning the cover is as easy as falling off a log; just make sure to wipe the dust off through a damp cloth or sponge.

#3 BonVIVO Semi-Foldable Floor Chair – Best Lightweight Floor Chair

BonVIVO Semi-Foldable Floor Chair

Compared to our previous pick, this Semi-Foldable Floor Chair is almost the same. It is versatile, lightweight, made of high-quality padded foam with polyurethane for ensuring both comfort and durability.

The internal frame is manufactured with heavy-duty alloy steel that enables users to use this chair for up to years. Speaking of the color, you will get two different options to choose from, including Beige and Blue. But we like the blue most.

It features a built-in locking backrest to adjust the sitting position according to the user’s needs. Besides, it is a better combination of both PE foam, upholstery filling, and PU foam to turn the comfort into the next level.

The advantage of using a floor chair is, you can set it wherever you want. The 5.0 pounds of weight makes you capable of transferring it from place to place in a hassle-free way. And guess what? It won’t take a lot of space, and you can store it under your bed, thanks to the space-saving design it packs.

Not only the chair is lightweight, space-saving, and durable, but it equips an eye-catching appearance also. Consequently, you can keep it everywhere, whether it is outdoor or indoor. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 220lbs, which is comparable to regular chairs.

Good to know, the cover is made of stain-resistant synthetic fiber, which can be wiped off very easily through a damp sponge. And thankfully, this efficient floor chair adapts to reading, gaming, and also the stadium chair, impressive!

#4 Adjustable Floor Chair from NNEWVANTE – Best Compact Floor Chair

Adjustable Floor Chair from NNEWVANTE

Here we are with a “cute-looking” floor chair from NNEWVANTE, which packs a couple of striking features alongside the aesthetic design. This chair can be placed in the living room, bay window, bedroom, dormitory, or even classroom.

When it comes to adjusting the backrest, you will get five different modes to choose from; you can fix it to your desired position from 90 to 180-degree. The arch back design with a round shape enhances comfort levels as well as prevents cervical and lower back pain. 

Despite being an affordable item, the chair has got heavy-duty alloy steel with crystal velvet to improve its durability and beauty. Besides, it equips an elegant blue color to match perfectly with most of the decorations.

Make sure to fold the floor chair while you want to store it somewhere; due to the compact size, it won’t take a large space at all. Along with the small frame, it weighs not more than 5.5 pounds.

As a result, it will be a piece of cake to move it from home to the patio. You definitely can use it for medication, playing games, reading, nursing, etc.

What’s more? The cover that it equips is removable and easily washable, so you won’t have to burn the midnight oil to clean it up. If you use your floor chair outside more often, make sure to wash the cover off twice or at least once a week to maintain its beauty.

#5 FringeKitt Slacker Floor Chair – Best Floor Chair for Maximum Weight Capacity

FringeKitt Slacker Floor Chair

This FringeKitt Floor Chair is a better choice for those who want to buy a floor chair not just for sitting but for taking a power nap as well. It spins at a degree of 360 to provide smooth and comfortable rolling. Also, it maintains a proper balance and lets you keep your body in a fully relaxed position.

Compared to the regular chairs, this one seems much lighter and allows users to transfer from room to room. This beautiful-looking floor chair can be placed anywhere you want, including bedside, bay window, living room, etc. The color is exquisite ‘‘Lake Blue” that suits most decors.

With a high-density foam and linen fabric, FringeKitt Floor Chair has got top-graded alloy steel to make it attractive, comfy, and long-lasting. It is strong like a Gorilla when we talk about the weight capacity since it is capable of holding up to 390 pounds of weight; pretty impressive, right?

Well, for keeping it in tight areas, you can lean the back completely forward. When you sit on it, alter the position at 90, 100, or 110-degree for maximizing your comfort level. The size of this chair is perfect for both adults and children.

There you will find zippers on both stand and chair, allowing you to take the covers off in a breeze. After removing the covers, make sure to throw it on your washing machine and wait for a while to make it spick-and-span.

#6 X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair-min – Best Gaming Floor Chair

X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair-min

Could you expend heaps of bundles to get a well-featured gaming chair? If so, then Rocker 5125401 is definitely for you. Not just for gaming, this son of a gun can be used for lounging, reading, TV watching, relaxing seats, or music listening as well.

Incorporating a 4″ ported subwoofer, four speakers, and AFM technology, you can get a full media package. While sitting on it, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies in clear sound as well as listening to your selected tracks.

Besides, you can sync the vibration motors with audio bass tones to keep yourself entertained for a long period of time.

It stands out from the crowd when it comes to compatibility; this floor video gaming chair works pretty well with Xbox, MP3, PlayStation, DVD, and other systems. This chair can take your weight if you are 275lbs or less.

The control panel features individual bass and volume controls along with outputs/inputs. You can connect your desired audio source for this Bluetooth gaming chair in order to support the unique “multi-game” mode.

This sofa-style chair equips armrests on both sides so that you can keep your hands in a comfortable position while sitting. With a soft padded vinyl, it is made of a combination of durable metal frame and high-quality wood.

On this chair, you will find a sufficient amount of back support along with a padded headrest to keep your neck in a comfortable position. Despite being large in size, it can be folded for easy storing. But it will be a bit tough to move it from place to place because of the massive structure it gets, keep in mind.

#7 FOME HOME Kids Floor Chair – Best Floor Chair for Kids

FOME HOME Kids Floor Chair

This particular floor chair from FOME HOME is designed especially for kids who require a small-sized item. With a rectangular shape, it packs only 5.04 pounds of weight for easy transferring. 

Unlike the regular chairs, this FOME HOME Chair is pretty much easier to install; there, you need no additional equipment and no professional techniques! Just ensure to unpack the item from the box, unfold the chair, and then the whole job is done!

When it comes to adjusting the position, you will get six different modes to choose from. This will allow your kid to stay fully relaxed. You can fix it at a 90-degree angle while your toddler is playing board games. 

With a solid steel frame, this chair features premium-quality foam as well as linen material for offering adequate amounts of durability and comfort at the same time. Because of the compact shape it equips, everyone can store it under the closet, bed, desk, etc.

The simple design makes it compatible with most of the areas, whether it is a dorm room, bay window, living room, or even office. And what about the cleaning process? Well, it is out of hassle due to the detachable zipper design. This will enable you to take the chair’s cover out and wash it off for the next uses. 

#8 BonVIVO Multiangle Floor Chair – Best Portable Floor Chair

Black! This is the color that makes BonVIVO Floor Chair super attractive to look at. Alongside the aesthetic outlook, it comes with a weight of only 6.6 pounds, which makes it one of the most portable floor chairs out there. For ensuring easy transportation, the chair has got a carrying handle additionally.

Sometimes we feel pain in our back after having a sit on a typical chair for too long. If you are dealing with the same issues, then this floor chair from BonVIVO is what you should pick up.

Its backrest is entirely covered with high-quality foam for promoting good posture and preventing lower back pain.

Since it is an adjustable chair, you can switch the position into a variety of angles. Not just for sitting, you can use this versatile product as a reading chair, floor gaming chair, or medication chair. Also, you can move it to the picnic, camping trip, tailgating, or stadium.

Measuring approximately 21.7 x 18.5 x 21.7-inch, it takes very little space. Despite being small in size, it has got the ability to bear up to 220 pounds of weight. So, don’t be hesitant to sit on it even if you are a bit overweight.

The cover that it packs is waterproof; however, it is not compatible with washing. So, if you need to clean the floor chair up, make sure to get a damp sponge or a piece of rag.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are floor chairs expensive?

It depends on the item that you want to choose. The market has got a wide variety of options out there, with different price ranges. If you are on a tight budget, make sure to pick up the affordable floor chairs. 

Is it okay to use a floor chair on the outside?

Again, it depends on the chair that you want to have. If you are looking for a chair to use on the outside, it should be lightweight, easily bearable, and of course, the cover should be washable so that you can clean it up after use.

Which one should I pick for gaming?

If you can afford expensive items, then you can get yourself the WX Rocker 5125401, which is one of the best floor chairs for gamers.

What should I use if my floor chair is not washable?

In case your floor chair is not washable, ensure to get your hands on a piece of rag or dry cloth to eliminate dust or debris. On the other side, if the cover is waterproof, then you can clean it up through a damp sponge.

How long does a floor chair last?

It depends on the usage. But in general, it might last for 5-10 years.

Can I make a floor chair by myself?

Its a bit of tough job. But you can give a try by watching the following video. But, please note that, if you want proper comfort, you should get one of the best floor chair from above list.

Bottom Line

That was our complete write-up on the best floor chair. You can pick any of one from the abovementioned picks to get maximum comfort while sitting on the floor. Make sure to determine your needs and choose the one that makes you feel very comfortable.